New Delhi, India

The Tao Way of Life Appreciation, an intensive course in the philosophy and practice of holistic living, February-March.......(read more)

Sichuan Mt. Emei , China

A series of talks on the Way held by Southwest Jiaotong University Emei Campus in May and June 2015.......(read more)



aboutA new essay written by Master Nicholas: How do we perceive life and reality? Are we going through life with our own perceptions and definitions of life and reality, or are we going through life as subjects of our culture and the society from which we spring? What we think determines what we feel and what we feel determines how we act; and how we act determines the type of charcter and destinies we create for ourselves. But what and who determines how we think?.......(read more)

Upcoming events

In 2016

- January-March, The Tao Way of Life Appreciation, New Delhi, India
- May-June, Series of talks on spiritual cultivation, Qingyang Taoist Temple, Sichuan Province, China



Zhuangzi once said, "To know that misfortune is because of destiny and fortune is because of luck, not to show fear in front of great trouble--these manifest the courage of the sages."

Wang Yangming once said, "To know and to act are one and the same." Knowledge is identical with its practical application. Knowledge should not be pursued as an end itself, but as the means to the attainment of wisdom.

Tzu-Kung once said, "The written word can be heard and obtained, but teachings of the Tao cann't be obtained in the written word."



The ultimate goal and purpose of Taichi Qigong is to find a peaceful and natural state.