Testimonial by Sayyida Susan Al-Said

When I first observed Nicholas Packard in Lodhi Garden, Delhi, I was taken with his effective communication skills. He was leading the group with clear and simple instructions. I felt that all the participants warmed to his guidance, no matter what level they had previously attained, some of whom were obviously not very fit or as active as they should be. Muscat, Oman

This being my first Chi Qong lesson, I initially wondered how the two hours could or would pass. I wondered if I would have the stamina, focus or coordination needed to stay the course. Once begun, I soon came to realize that one flowing movement lead to another, with no thought of time. His measured discipline came in the form of a strong clear voice, repeated more as encouragement than in a forceful manner. One was soon aware that pure simple movements done well brought results of better posture while benefiting from the act of the exercise. At the same time one came to experience an euphoric feeling as the group followed in unison the movements, unfolding like a free flowing river.

In the process, an added benefit was our minds became free of congested thought as there was simply no way to have thought other than focusing on the movements flowing into one another. We learned that to coordinate proper breathing was a major integral part of a healing process, something many people never experience, but could benefit from to help cope with the effects of obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression to list a few . Repetition of the postures increased confidence and the health benefits, resulting in a feeling of well being.

When I returned to Oman I explored the possibility of bringing Nicholas Packard for an initial workshop. Upon putting the idea out I came to know that there was much eagerness in the community to experience it; there didn’t seem to be anything remotely similar available. Participants greatly appreciated the opportunity and showed up on all 7 consecutive days for the instruction. Hopefully Oman will be on the calendar of locations where workshops can be regularly offered in the future.

Oman, Susan Al Said


Sayyida Susan Al-Said


Muscat, Oman